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What is

The Barn on Main?​

What started out as ​a Boutique is a whole lot more...


A Boutique in a Barn...

      We love people. We love our small town. We love our small town people.  We thought it would be nice to have a pop-up boutique for our small town but then this Ol' Barn, right in the middle of our lil town, came up for sale.  And then... the Barn Project began in October 2017. And then we suddenly needed a wedding venue for some family and wah-lah. What started out to be just our boutique evolved into THE BARN ON MAIN. 

Inside The Barn is...

OTEY CO, the boutique, our original business idea of cute clothes, jewelry, accessories, beauty products and other  stuff we can't live without, grew into a lot more. With a space this big we added some other things!  BRANDED ON MAIN, the salon, owned and operated by Brandee Brand and Kallee Dunn, mother/daughter duo. They specialize in hair and nails and making people BEAUTIFUL from the inside out! And then there is THE BARN, which serves as an event venue.  We can accommodate a wedding, birthday, reunion... whatever special event in our spacious 6000 square foot barn, complete with a 5 foot chandelier! The BARN also has a 100 foot long pole barn in the back (aka The Barn Out Back) and lots of pretty trees shading the property. We are excited to host our own special events throughout the year, including seasonal events with shopping at Otey Co, live entertainment, food vendors, shopping vendors, and more. We currently host a Spring Sale @ The Barn, Fall Y'all @ The Barn and Christmas  @ The Barn. We are so excited to share this barn adventure with all of you! Come on over to our hometown hangout and learn how to have some fun, Otey-style.

Holly & Amber


A couple of years into this venture we have become known as BARN BUMS. Many ladies have joined our cause and identify as BARN BUM's too.  A Barn Bum is a lady who gets it, life, hard word, Jesus, and the whole idea of loving others with your whole heart. We are kinda like our own secret Barn Bum sorority.

Some of our dearest and most special Barn Bum's are the ones who get things done. Our awesome daughter-in-laws have worked the boutique, helped set up and decorate for events, ordered. priced and put out merchandise, and been the cutest darn models ever. Our GRAND-girls have helped also. They love hanging out at the barn, mostly for the snacks but ,none-the-less, they are BARN BUM's too. They make us laugh, and that means the world.  Brandee and Kallee, are the best of the best when it comes to Barn Bummin'. They run their own salon in the barn, and just make us all feel like "princesses". They are 2 of the most beautiful souls on the face of the earth. They help in so many ways, but especially taking care of customers, when we are out. And then there is Rochelle, Diana, Pepper, and Magan,  These are the go-to Barn Bum's. Anytime we need some company on "bridge night" or help at an event, these girls show up with a smile on their face, ready to help. They are our Steel Magnolias!!! There are so many more ladies that have helped us get where we are, and remind us why we do what we do! You Girls know who you are! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Anyway, we have learned a lot about customer service, running a business, being there for each other, and well just about life in general. We are sure there is plenty more to learn and experience. It has been quite a ride. Keep putting the quarters in the mechanical horse, we still have things to do and laughs to laugh... together!